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Bavarian Germany Part 2 - Visiting Füssen, Neuschwanstein and the Alps

Just a two-hour train ride from Munich, Füssen is a small town nestled in the Alps that maintains a lot of its original charm while being bombarded with a huge amount of tourists.  You won't need more than a day to see it from end to end, but take your time strolling through the streets and be sure to grab some schneeballs (giant cookie balls with assorted flavors and fillings--yum!).  The weather during our two-day visit was a little chilly with some light rain on the first day, while the second day was sunny and warm. 
Because it has the closest train station to the Hohenschwangau village and castles, there are many hotels and rentals available to tourists in Fussen and the surrounding towns.  You can easily take a train to Füssen from Munich, but once you arrive it's good to know what bus line you are looking for AND what stop is closest to your lodging.  We stayed in a lovely and affordable place called Hotel Alpengluehn, which gave us the Alpine feel we were looking for…

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