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Getting Prepared to Travel Abroad

This summer we traveled to Europe, which was our first trip abroad together!  We love traveling efficiently and saving money on unnecessary expenses, but also appreciate the value of being comfortable and able to relax as much as possible.  We've traveled around the USA together, so flying and adapting to new environments isn't anything new--but knowing what you'll need to pack and how to get around in another country can be tricky to anticipate.  In some ways, traveling is a lot easier with today's technology, especially smartphones that allow easy access to maps, email etc. However, there are lots of quirks to using your phones abroad, not to mention how different things can look on online versus in person.  So here are some things we've learned in our travels, and we hope that this information will be useful to novice and experienced travelers who, like us, enjoy being prepared.  (okay, slightly over-prepared)

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